The 8 hectares vineyard is mostly located on the Rhône glacial alluvium terraces, composed of rolled pebbles on Beaumont Monteux commune.

The vines are established on stony soils so that the heat of the sun can be stored during the day and released at night, thus ensuring an harmonious maturity to the grape.

The Mistral, dominating wind of the Rhône Valley helps keeping an healthy state.

The appellation grape varieties are SYRAH for the red wines, MARSANNE and ROUSSANNE for the white wine.

SYRAH develops red fruit flavours and final spicy notes.

Our white wine is composed of 70% Roussanne, fruity and smart grape variety and 30% Marsanne, generous and aromatic vine.

The vineyard is led in mindful agriculture to respect at the utmost the environment while encouraging the production of a good quality harvest.

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